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7 Days Makes One Weak

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Today was the start of 7 days that will probably define the rest of the season for us.

Saturday     Dumped out of the FA Cup at the 4th Round

Tuesday      Home game against Man City were we'll probably get a 4/5 -0 frashing

Thursday    The window closes with no signings

Friday          Rafa's Spurs Presser hopefully he hangs Ashley & his bastards out to dry

Saturday     Away to Spurs another loss & the real chance of being in the bottom 3 again.


I know it's an awful way to think but honestly I think Rafa leaving & relegation for a few seasons is the only way we'll get rid of this arsehole. I hate saying this, but this is no longer the club we all fell in love with all those years ago. The club's a shadow of its former self & has had the life blood sucked out of it by that bastard . Anyway this week will be a defining week not only for the rest of the season. But with Rafa's inevitable departure at the end of the season probably for a long time to come. Fuck you Asley we dont deserve you & you dont deserve us.


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Aye that’s the end of Rafa unfortunately. Basically in a holding pattern until this horrible waste of space that owns NUFC either sells or dies.

I expect to get relegated next season, the squad is absolutely shocking and our next manager will no doubt be an absolute fucking clip as well. That relegation would be different from the last two, we’ll have no saleable assets of any worth. I can see us becoming a Championship club, which I absolutely would take if it meant this cancer cut his losses and sold the club. 

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