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Toon V Uddersfield


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On paper you'd think we'd take all 3 points but these games have a tendency to bite us on the arse. Also any less than 3 points could see us slip back in the bottom 3. I'll take a 1-0 win & be glad of 3 points.

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I've not watched them myself but I'm told they've been playing pretty decently lately without getting any return for it.  They've only got one win away from home all season.  If we set up on the front foot like we did against Cardiff I'll be confident of a good win.  If we set up like we did against Fulham it will be a long 90 minutes. 

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With the addition of Almiron and Barreca,  and with the injured back in contention for places, with the exception of perhaps Shelvey, it's going to be real interesting as to who Rafa will start, and who will be on the bench.

One thing's for sure though, Rafa's starting line-up  and bench won't match  my  pick..........never does.:D


My pick:


                               Schar    Lascelles   LeJeune   

                    Yedlin       Longstaff      Ki       Dummett

                                     Almiron            Ritchie     










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