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West Ham vs Newcastle

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11 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

Get rid of Ginola and Ferdinand, sign loads of your old mates on a final pay day

Pearce and Barnes did a job at least. Rush less so. But Des Hamilton, Carl Serrant, Andreas Andersson, Lionel Perez and Pistone spring to mind. I think we payed AC Milan a similar fee for Andersson to what Arsenal payed them, at a similar time, for Patrick Vieira. Bargain 

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Pasta Pistone :lol:

Dabizas wasn’t the best either, but at least he was an honest pro unlike Disco Des Hamilton :lol:

...then you had one of the most blatant examples of nepotism at a premier league club ever when he threw his kid in the mix. It would be one thing if he was half decent. Mad to think how unsuccessful Daglish was really, given the quality of the side he inherited.

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Was at a talk-in with Les Ferdinand recently and he chalked it up to what he sees as a common problem with British managers i.e. they come into a club and try to start from scratch instead of just tinkering with what good was there. If Daglish had won something by only adding a couple of players, it would have been said that he won it with Keegan's team and he didn't want that. Hadn't thought of it like that before but it makes some amount of sense. 


He also said Steve McClaren is thick as shit, in not so many words.

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