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De Ja Vu

The Fish

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Aside from the identical wins, draws, points, goals etc. the story of the season has played out very similarly;

Shoddy start, disappointing performances from previously impressive players, surprising performance from central midfielder who was much derided earlier on, Perez' goal scoring run, January transfers turning the season around.

Just odd isn't it.


I regret typing this out more than you regret reading it.

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15 hours ago, Meenzer said:




@Monkeys Fist putting the wanking smilie on hold till he ascertains that that's definitely a bit of fanny, (what with it being Eurovision and all that, you never know). ;)



It's ok MF, I've just checked, she's definitely a split arse. Safe to let it go, wor kid..... :wank:








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