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Transfer gossip 2019/20

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I see Wolves have signed a young Italian striker for much less money than we paid for Joelie, and he seems to have a better goal-scoring record.

Maybe our seekers aren't looking in the right places for bargain-basement young talent that suits Ashley's agenda.

Let's hope Joelie proves to be a jewel in Ashley's tiara.


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Didn't he buy a load of Hondurans because Wilson Palacios turned out alright?  Madagascar got to the quarters of the AFCON, can't wait to start next season with a talking giraffe up front.

Sadly not 

Still time for Charnley to fuck this one up. He'll probably get McKay to book the lad's flight.

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39 minutes ago, Kid Dynamite said:

As if the season starts a week tomorrow. Rondon/Joselu/Perez out and Joelinton in. Ignoring every other issue in the squad, that one alone will see us relegated.

Woodman has now gone out on loan.

The absence of Dubravka is worrying too

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He was a body at least. Gayle is surely being lined up for a move or he would have been involved in pre season. I don't buy him and Dubravka being left out for innocent reasons. We've seen it before 


At present, if Jeolinton gets a knock we have Muto leading the line and no strikers on the bench. And Muto was more a no.10 in Germany. 

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The Championship clubs, for the most part, aren’t spending much money really. Forest and Brentford are going for it but the teams that would sign Gayle, aren’t going to shell out for him. It’s almost like we could have organised some kind of swap deal with West Brom that saw two successful loan signings made permanent...

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1 hour ago, David Kelly said:

As much as I've slagged him off in the past, the standard that Dummett is at now is good enough for us.  If he's as good as Dummet (providing he's better at attacking) I'd be happy with that.

Agree with you. Willems is good in attack, but very poor in defence. 

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