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34 minutes ago, Sir Les said:

This alleged Perez medical is taking a long time to complete


I think they are awaiting the DNA test to see if he is related to Benitez. Rafa coddled him like an offspring didn't he?

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If, by that, you mean turned him into a player worth £30m 

Normally, I'd not be bothered about losing Perez, especially considering he's not going to have Rondon next to him but history has shown that he won't be replaced. 12 goals is nothing to sniff at in t

I’ve never been a massive fan. Good instinctive finisher but no composure when give time. Saying that though he would be an automatic starter for us which says more about the state of our side. B

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2 hours ago, Kitman said:

Honestly who cares? If he’s gone, he’s gone and good luck to him. I’d do exactly the same in his position.


yeah good luck to him. he might have been hit and miss but he was a trier, could never fault his effort and he seemed to care, unlike some that went down with us last time. deserves a decent career with a club that cares.

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yup doesn't bother me at all for that reason


club in turmoil makes things worse as per usual, until we're sold i simply don't give a fuck what happens

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18 hours ago, Noelie said:


I think they are awaiting the DNA test to see if he is related to Benitez. Rafa coddled him like an offspring didn't he?

If, by that, you mean turned him into a player worth £30m 

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It isn’t the family feel that has convinced Perez to swap football-mad Newcastle for the calmer surrounds of Leicestershire. Perez said he enjoyed five years on Tyneside but felt that the club lacked the ambition to fulfil its potential and the departure of Rafa Benitez as manager became the final straw.

Perez is a driven individual, even turning down Barcelona and Real five years ago to join Newcastle because of his ambition to be a success in the Premier League. “It is true,” Perez says. “Their second teams wanted me to sign for them, but I had better options. Playing for the second team meant I would stay in the second division, the Championship, but I had a couple of choices, Newcastle and Porto.

“I made a decision to come to the Premier League because when I was young I used to spend the weekends watching either the Premier League or La Liga. I had that feeling that it could be a dream come true to play in the Premier League. I made that decision. Now I can say it was the right one.

“I have good memories of my time with Newcastle. I wasn’t professional when I signed for them, so they gave me everything I needed as a footballer and I can’t thank them enough in terms of they made me professional. They gave me everything they could and I spent five magnificent years there.

“Honestly, it is a great crowd. A nice place to live and I could live it from the inside. It was a great moment. They were very passionate. It was very enjoyable.

“If I am honest, there was an opportunity to leave after we were relegated to the Championship, but it didn’t happen. I had the chance when Spurs were interested. We were talking a little bit if they were going to sign me, but in the end it didn’t happen and I started the season with Newcastle.

“I felt I had to take Newcastle back to where they belong, so I stayed. It was a tough year in the Championship, to be honest, but we made it straight away back to the Premier League, where they belong.

“Rafa was key. He was a big factor when he stayed at the club. I knew we were going to be great playing under Rafa, and we were. We made it back as champions. The next two seasons after that were great as well.”

However, Benitez’s shock departure in the summer was the final straw for Perez, who admits he had already decided the time was time to move on himself.

“It was a big factor, but also I felt it was time for a change and a new challenge,” he says. “In this case Leicester gave me such a great opportunity to come here. The ambition of the club and the way they are doing the right things was very important in my decision. Also, as soon as Rafa left the decision was easier.

“Rafa and Brendan Rodgers, they are two great managers. They are different but they both see football the way I like it. I had a conversation with him [Brendan] before I signed, what I heard and the way he wants to play football is very important. We all know how good a manager he is but after that meeting it was easier to make the decision and I am very happy to be playing under him. I can’t wait to get started.

“Things could be done better over there at Newcastle, but Leicester have given me the opportunity to do great things hopefully. There is big ambition. I think how football works, the way you have to look at football, that is the difference between Leicester and Newcastle. There is big motivation here to keep growing and to get better here at Leicester. I didn’t feel they had it at Newcastle.

“That is why I signed here and made the decision. I am very happy to be part of the family.”


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