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2 hours ago, 111180sak said:

He wants a no deal brexit so we leave without the good sensible regulations, Trump &  Boris wants Monsanto, Bayer

G.M poisons be allowed into the U.K. They are banned in the E.U    Monsanto makes  weedkiller that causes cancer in humans. 

What regulations are these? 

I was in Italy last week and we were discussing how some highways man had set up his cherry picker to do some work. Everyone thinks all this H&S stuff we do is set by the EU but it's all mostly bollocks. 

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It's fucking unfathomable that there is even a sliver of the electorate that thinks this cunt is fit to govern the country. I wish nothing but horrible shit for him personally. Worse than May. He's actually worse than that arsehole by a distance which is almost unthinkable. 


The sooner the baby boomer generation that puts these cunts in charge dies off, the better. 

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