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Tickets for sunday

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Hi guys. Family of four 2 adults and 2 children aged 6 and 7 looking to attend our first match at st James on Sunday. Wondering where would be best for us to sit? Looked at tickets on the website and there seems to be alot of empty seats at the front where I thought most people would want to be. Is this due to a boycott or are they not good seats. First post go easy please 

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31 minutes ago, TheGingerQuiff said:

I've always got a space under Aspers no bother whenever I took the car. Not that that matters to this mackem shite and his 12 fingered kids. 

Bit rough that I'm a Celtic fan actually but keep an eye on how Newcastle get on as have friends in the area and we holiday in Northumberland most years😂 having re read my post it does look a bit iffy right enough but question was genuine


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