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just to add to the hilarity of this thread....


august '88, opening game of the season, 4-0 hiding off these bitter cunts when they were in their pomp. (shame about your non european adventure)

kicked off outside the ground after the match next to the burger stalls, andy nicholls took a proper fucking kicking. mate of mine bent over and stuck a half eaten burger in nicholls face. 

horrible scouse cunt was covered in blood, brown sauce, bits of plastic orange cheese and loads of soggy bits of boiled onion.

cheered me up no end on the journey home.

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That was canny confusing. So it was a mackem pretending to be an Everton fan? He needs to update that name seeing as they were below Benitez’s team for 2 out of his 3 seasons. They’re also 2 divisions

Desperate to be relevant.

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