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Televised games you're just not arsed about.

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You know that knob who did the championship games for sky? Didn't like us much? Prutton? Do they have a similar journeyman for league one? "And as usual we're joined by ex- Wycombe and Bradford striker Billy Arkwright. Billy, this is obviously the game of the season at the stadium of light today. Can you tell the viewers what players to look out for as some of them might not have a fucking clue who any of them are?"

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2 hours ago, Howmanheyman said:

Dinner time KO.


Arsenal v Burnley.


And it's live.


And I'm just not arsed about it.

Probably how the majority of the country feels when one of our games is on the telly 

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Keown is an absolutely unbelievable gobshite. He’s spent all game praising Ceballos, Willock and Cousin It in Arsenal’s midfield. Torreria comes on, hits one shot and he’s asking why he isn’t starting :lol: that’s some packed midfield he’s wanting them to play.

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