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Apathy FC vs who gives a fuck

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There you gan lads, Luke totally ignores the fact that in those losses/draws early on under Rafa the team showed shape and ideas compared to the games so far this season that have showed absolutely no

Well, he is a fucking divvy, so in that regard they are correct 

Horrific, for balance here are the stats from the fixture at home to Brighton that we lost last season that Luke and this Ugly Mackem bloke love to hold up as an example of why Bruce is comparable to

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Apathy?! Fucking apathy?!?!



Knight Ryder, former toon army footsoldier, Trinity mirror regional sportswriter of the year, shit hot NUFC news and Minister of the Steve Bruce anti-apathy Department.




"Ya fucking welcome, Brucie. A'hm expecting a one on one interview on Monday morn...err, afternoon. Fucking capiche, wor kid?"



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