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Bruce's Cabbage Patch Kids V A Wee Small Club In Manchester

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Cheers for nicking this tweet off me like lads. looking for number JUDAS 

I think he’d probably sell if the club was a financial burden to him for any sustained length of time. And I think that’s the assumption being made. Obviously it’s a guess but it makes sense and it’s

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Excellent, Michael Owen in the studio.


The host on the cutaway to an ad break just said "Newcastle looking to get a second win over Bruce". Thought it was a mistake at first but he's actually spot on.

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Almiron is parp, looks like ASM has managed to hurt his brittle body again. 

Starting to hope we win here, would get old broken noses mates all buzzing for him again and making noises he’s better than Rafa. That would have the knock on of Ashley and his cronies keeping the clown even longer than they would have anyway, which will cement our relegation.

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