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Help with a couple of 90's friendly games?!


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Hi everyone.

Recently I've been using the Groundhopper app and attempting to fill in the gaps of all the games I've been to over the years (not an easy task as I've never bothered keeping hold of programmes!)

I have a couple of vague memories from the mid-90's of grounds that I've been to to watch NUFC, both in friendlies, but can't find any details of the history of these fixtures online.

This is a bit of a long shot, but I was wondering whether anyone on here might be able to help me out with details (dates, final scores etc) of the following games. As I say my memory is only vague as I was only about 9 or 10!

Whitby Town (away) pre-season friendly, can't remember what year, all I know is that Jeff Winter was the referee as my Dad hated him!

Ipswich Town (away) another 90's pre-season friendly, played at Kings Lynn's ground, The Walks. I believe this was probably a reserve warm up game, but again, details are sketchy.

If anyone was there, or can shed any more light on either of these it would be much appreciated. If only to convince myself I didn't just dream any of this! Big Grin


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just as a slight aside to this ....


anybody else on here go to the unfriendliest friendly in the world ever?

hibs away, mid 80s, george best was playing for them, about 800 of us being pelted with stones and bits of brick the entire 90 minutes and absolute chaos in the streets after the match.

fuck knows what the score was, memory is vague for me too, but then that was probably due to the amount of tennants super strength 1/2g of base speed enabled you to quaff in those days!

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