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a match today... one team v another

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Rico, absolute dive there.   Wilson has bulked up since his fullback days with us.

Was actually a good game for once.  They play some decent football and were all over us for the first 30 minutes or so but we dug in a played some good football ourselves after that. Almiron mana

ALL facebook users are weapons man.   a more realistic alternative.... once the defenders goals ineviability dry up we'll be back to looking over our shoulders.

1 minute ago, Howay said:

Wilson should have been booked for that, looked from the replays like a clear shove out of frustration. 


Agree, no doubt VAR looked at it and decided they couldn't add to the on-field decision. Lucky it wasn't a nasty injury in the end.

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Just now, Howmanheyman said:

Normal service resumed. Can we score more than one today? Wouldn't put money on it. Can they? They've more chance than us.


Yup, the fact we're behind is going to open up more space for them on top of their dominance in possession. Add to that an early change in the centre of our defense and all the signs are there for a comfortable home loss.

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1 minute ago, Howmanheyman said:

:lol: Some header that! Very well played by Yedlin directing another wayward ASM shot into the net. Just as well the defenders are scoring as the front three look absolutely shot when a chance comes around.


ASM's shot deflected off a defender. Great effort from Yedlin though who is covering a crazy amount of space.

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