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The Official 19/20 Cup Run

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1 hour ago, thebrokendoll said:


doubt it mate.

the entire first team and reserve squad will be struck down with a temporary combination of rabies, swine flu and small pox.

there'll be no nice days out on mikey's watch. 

stevie will happily comply.


Rafa dropped 10 at Oxford and we lost 3 nil....

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47 minutes ago, PaddockLad said:


Rafa dropped 10 at Oxford and we lost 3 nil....



in the decade pre ashley we had 2 fa cup final appearances, 2 fa cup semi final appearances, a uefa cup semi final appearance and a uefa cup quarter final appearance.

all fruitless, but things have certainly took a turn for the worse.

nobody involved over the last decade is beyond reproach.

or we've just been really unlucky with contageous diseases! 

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  • 5 months later...

Had the initial stupid thought that if we got to the final I'd be able to get a ticket off a tout before realising there are no tickets. 


Would be a tragi-comedy to win it with no fucker there. 


(Yes I do expect to get hammered off Man City). 

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1 minute ago, Tom said:

Just imagine not winning the fucker for 65 years and then winning it to a crowd of about 200 people. :lol:


Id take it tbh 

I reckon a few mackems would turn up at Trafalgar Square the night before so they could say they "took it" ...again

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