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Looking after other people's kids.

Smooth Operator

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Wor lasses bairn had a sleep over with 2 of her mates, these 2 mates are loud as fuck and don't do nowt they are told. So I was telling them of for all sorts on Saturday night, whereas wor lass was telling her bairn off for the other kids wrong doing. Obviously the bairn wasn't too chuffed with this as she wasn't really doind owt wrong it was the other 2.


Wor lass seems to think she shouldn't tell the other kids off cos they're not hers and they might not want to come back if she did. I however, am of a different philosophy, I gave them the lashings of a dog when they stepped out of line. If i'd have done some of the things these bairns had done in someone else's house I would have been knacked.


So these bairns could well have returned home and told their parents I shouted at them, suits me fine tbh if they decide not to come back cos they are a nightmare and I wouldn't willingly have them in my house again.

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Send their parents a link to some of your recent threads on here, and you'll not need to worry about them asking to stop at yours again. <_<



Quoted for truth ;)


One of my pet hates is spoilt, misbehaving kids and imo when in my Castle, I'm the king and they do as their fucking told or them and their parents can both fuck off, never to return.


I wouldn't put up with my bairn misbehaving so why should i put up with someone elses kid's trying to pull this sort of shit, not my fault their unable to bring their kids up right.


I used to get the leather slipper when i was a bairn and it never done me no harm.....I think! :D

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They have to learn that other people may not let them get away with whatever they do at home - or maybe they are just trying it on with you


Either way it's your house and your rules - if they don't like it they won't come back

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Your house, your rules and by the sounds of it you're doing your job as a parent better than certain other people!


All you can do is apply your standards of what is allowed/not allowed, tell them off/shout at them and if it goes too far then you would have to call their parents as obviously you couldn't for example give them a smack or you'd be in deep shit!

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