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Wolves Fan In Peace!

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Hi All!
I'm Matt from Wolves Fancast and wanted to see if I could ask a favour?
We are recording an episode of the podcast tomorrow night and to do something different we are going to talk about the 2005 film Goal! 
As a huge chunk of the film is set in and around Newcastle and portrays the football club and some of it's stars, was wondering if anyone was willing to give their thoughts on the film and any favourite or least favourite parts of the film? 
Anyone who get's a mention will be credited on the pod :) so any comments are appreciated
Wolves Fancast


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38 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

I went out with a lass that worked as an “exotic dancer”, so there’s a chance that Howmanheyman saw her chebs at the Carville. 
She wasn’t in Goal though.  

Rarely went in but you never know.....


"Tits oot."


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I worked with a lad who was living with Brian Johnson’s eldest daughter. 
I also had an after-hours pint with Brian Johnson, but not in the Carville, and none of the above mentioned people ever piped me off. 

But Brian Johnson is in Goal, so there’s that. 

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"Hi, Bravado Dave here, I also remember the film 'Goal'. Bloody good film but can't quite help think the cinema experience would've been enhanced with some good old English tapas instead of the usual popcorn fare. Also as interesting a concept as it was of a Mexican immigrant coming from America to play for NUFC I just think he could've been a secret footballer/superhero as I think the genre is currently underrepresented at the minute. Anyhoo, I'm also in the podcast game so I'd love to give my twopenneth worth and give you a few tips. Just DM me, yeah?




The Fish."




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"I'm Sunderland till I die, I remember going into the Carville on derby day and despite it being Mag territory was full of MLF's. Some of the MLF's weren't actually MLF's but Man City, Norwich City, Feyenoord, Everton and various assorted fans of clubs with special bonds with Sunderland. All wanted Sunderland to win. Then the bar was suddenly packed with Mags and I was the only MLF in the bar. I offered them all on but they shit their gravy stained Mag pants. I then laughed and went to the match deliberately bumping past Brian Johnson on my way out who said fuck all. FTM."



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