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The game today v (checks notes)..... Everton.

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tragically indifferent to a newcastle win or loss these days. however i make an exception for this. i detest these bitter scouse cunts with a passion normaly only reserved for ashley and pre

Here comes fucking loadsamoney, with his paid streams and athletic subscription 

1 minute ago, Tom said:

It wasn’t a free kick and it wasn’t a corner. 

They should bring in some kind of video replay system to highlight these clear & obvious errors.


Great idea, they'd probably bottle it though. 

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1 minute ago, Dr Gloom said:

How shit has Joelinton got to be before he is dropped?

anyone got a link to a decent stream?

I thought he was (relatively) good against Man Utd but if he doesn’t start well his head goes down straight away it seems 

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1 minute ago, Isegrim said:

Don’t think he is that bad today tbh

only a question of time for us to concede again.


He's set such a high standard for himself that if he takes a couple of touches without falling over he's doing well and if he puts a shot on target, no matter how slowly it's moving, he's playing out of his skin.

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