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I have a quick question about match days.


I left Newcastle aged 18 and joined the Navy and now live in the South West. My parents still live in Newcastle and we come up once a year to take Dad to the match. This year it's Burnley later this month.


My boys (14 and 15) are asking about getting to the ground early to see the players arrive and I just thought I'd ask whether there's any point doing this, I'm thinking that we hang around the (main entrance under the Milburn stand) but wondered what time we should try and get there?





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Took my boy there a few years ago  .All the home players came by car and had someone park for them far end of the Milburn,

a few signed autographs. Every time I've been , the away players were signing by the main entrance after the game

,don't know where the Newcastle players came out.





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