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On 28/01/2022 at 12:56, Monkeys Fist said:

BBC picking up the reins on the story of Djokovic falsifying the timings of his Covid tests. 





The timing was always highly suspect as he applied to enter the tournament in November but only contracted "COVID" in mid December. Don't think the vainglorious twat and his entourage (who are probably used to getting whatever they want) will have thought it would get a second look as no doubt Tennis Australia were desperate for him to play.

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22 minutes ago, Asprilla said:

I disagree with someone so I hope they die


You guyz are kewl!!! 🤟🏼

Take CT's advice he gave you. Nobody gives a fuck about your posts trying to start debates on everything and nothing. You are the archetypal pub bore and I can't remember you being like that in years gone by? If you're happy being a boring cunt then crack on till those with the fingers on the button put you out of your misery. I honestly don't know what you're getting out of it but there you go. 

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Back to Wednesdays/Thursdays in the office from this week. Not completely happy about it but it sort of feels like progress as well. 


The big bosses want 3 days but the whole of IT have rebelled and said anything more than two will affect how well we've done thus far  and will also risk losing people to more flexible jobs. 

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1 hour ago, Renton said:


It's made out of moths and tree bark apparently (really!). :D



So it is! 

Well, I hope Asprilla knows the full history of the moths involved otherwise he can’t be desecrating the temple of his body. 

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One of my mates with Covid took 7 tests in one day & kept them aside. Now that he’s negative he’s dating then and sending them to work so he doesn’t have to go in for another week :lol: 

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