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Ranking Rivals (excl Sunderland)


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28 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

fucking hate liverpool with a passion 

I dislike Man U far more than Liverpool, take away the pundits bullshit about them and their ex-players and I'm not that arsed either way. There's a proper arrogance about Man U that just fucking grates and that's just the fans. :lol:


Then you come to the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal. Not for me, Clive. Cockney wankers with short memories. 


Everton are a strange bunch, met the odd decent one but the social media fans are up there with the very worst and are the closest thing I've ever seen to a mirror image of Sunderland fans. 


Villa, say no more.


Leeds, Boro etc are proper fucking divvies but off the radar when you don't play them.


That's just off the top of my head as I'm busy. :lol:

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Tier 1: mackems

Tier 2: Man Utd, Liverpool

Tier 3: The grudges - Hereford, Stevenage, Forest, Villa,  Sheff Wed

Tier 4: All the bigger London teams including Palace. 

Tier 5: Everyone else. 

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