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NHS Raffle - Alan Shearer Signed Framed Shirt

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Who won this one, Shaun Quigley aye? 

Can you send us a link to his FB page, it’s just that I don’t see him in the comments. Maybe he PMed you, so you can send the screen grab of that if you like Jason @nufc2020

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Just now, Monkeys Fist said:


Does this smell worse than week old prawns to you too? :lol:

It’s Facebook so I immediately hate it. It’s signed stuff. Nobody apart from forgers sign shirts or photos any more. It’s got a certificate of authenticity, which means fuck all. There’s a fair chance it’s dodgy iyam. 

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To say nothing of the total lack of any evidence of where the money is going? :lol:

Even a Paypal means fuck all- I’d like to see a receipt from the NHS for the “funds raised” from the previous raffles. 

Maybe he is legit… and maybe my cock is wrapped in purple velvet with gold plated trim. 

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Eee, you’ll not believe what I seen on the bus! 

Ah mean I’m not racialist or hermo phobic or owt, but ah nearly brought me 16 pints back up. 

( think I’ve covered most bases there :lol:). 

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