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Football, football, football!

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Thank you for letting me be part of your forum - I wanted to let you know about a new football production that my brother & I have launched this month, called: 'Well Done Michael, He's 13' 
We have a website, articles, video shows, blog, features, pub-talk, podcast and other productions. Basically, anything which is football! We have already secured some amazing guests, including our most recent podcast episode, which is an interview with ex-professional and international footballer, Matt Holland, which goes live on Wednesday.
Please take a few minutes to check it out...all of our content is completely free:
Twitter: @WDMichael13
We are just a couple of ordinary guys, who are football fans with the right experience, skills and contacts which enable us to put together this suite of football content that we believe football fans will enjoy. Since going live, the feedback and early growth has been very positive.
As Huddersfield Town fans (sorry!), our ambition is to do what many of the large media outlets do not do, and that is cover all levels of football at home and abroad, whether that be grassroots, lower leagues or the elite clubs and players. Our style is fun, yet educated, interactive and interesting.
All we ask, is that you give us a go and hopefully enjoy it. 
Also, if you have any topics or players you would love to see covered or interviewed, then please do let us know. We want to provide the stuff that fans truly want to see.
Thanks for your time and allowing me to share this with you all - best wishes to you and your club for the transition back to some sort of football normality in the future.
Take care,
Well Done Michael, He's 13
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Go on RTG pure football, mate. Just mention something half decent about Sunderland and you'll be beating them off with a shitty stick with begging posts about your thoughts on NUFC and how you should hate us. :good:



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