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Hello everyone ,
I hope you and your loved ones are as well as can be, and staying safe and alert as restriction ease. 

I won't write too much so as to take up your time.I am a postgraduate student at Newcastle university gathering results for a study.
I am circulating a quick request from my end, to reach out to participants for my dissertation;  I am looking to gather  550 results and am currently behind with only 70. The survey is open to anyone who has visited or is living in Newcastle. As it so happens I cannot physically walk up to people and have them fill a digital form in the streets for obvious reasons so I have been sharing this link:


I would greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes in your day to help me with this; If you are comfortable doing so, please do share with close ones in Newcastle. 
Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this
Otherwise all the best with everything, really
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You're so positive and sunny that it overwhelmed my cynicism and I've filled in your damn survey. Well played.


Good luck with your studies.


EDIT - for anyone else considering it, it'll take you about 2 mins.

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5 hours ago, Dr Gloom said:


I tell you what, you can write a dissertation on pretty much anything, these days can’t you?

How did you all describe the brown rat in one word? I went for ratty 

Tbf it’s an improvement on the football based dissertations we’re normally surveyed on 

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