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Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

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Early kick-off for us OOT supporters thus giving us the opportunity to watch it without the faux crowd sounds.


Another humping but this time not by the (second) best team in the land. 0-4 to Watford and the lettuce will heap praise upon the mighty cabbage.

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What a fucking gimp he is. 

One of the advantages of living in Oz is that I have been able to avoid watching us play due to the time difference.  I made the mistake of watching this one because it was a early start.  FUCK M

20 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

Seen a few people asking why Schar is ahead of Matty Longstaff in central midfield. Probably something to do with Shelvey’s complete refusal to do any proper defensive work meaning he needs a tackler next to him.

Doesn’t make any sense to me though. We are safe, he wants the player to sign a new contract but does rather start a player who is not comfortable in the position and has been poor recently.

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11 minutes ago, Chaser said:

I'm watching on Twitch. Is it Youtube for kids? 

I think it’s just something people can stream on and interact with the people who are streaming.

I was a guest on one for the Sheffield United match, the presenter was a guy called Jimmy Conrad who played for ‘Murica.

It was good fun, every now and then I had to answer a question from a viewer.

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1 minute ago, Dr Gloom said:

Always good to see a match thread capture the imagination :lol:

We've been good value for our lead. Watford’s football is as awful as you’d expect from a side managed by Nigel Pearson 

RTG has at the time of this have around ten times the posts on our match thread than ours. :lol:


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3 minutes ago, Howay said:

Soft but it’s shit awareness from Ritchie coming across him like that when he had another man in cover. 

Aye Ritchie's "enthusiasm" is not really what you want defending in our box.

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