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Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

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What a fucking gimp he is. 

One of the advantages of living in Oz is that I have been able to avoid watching us play due to the time difference.  I made the mistake of watching this one because it was a early start.  FUCK M

20 minutes ago, essembeeofsunderland said:

Great thinking Brucey.Move a right back who is shit at defending from his preferred side to his weaker ( more shitter ) side !! 

:lol: Aye absolutely fucking tragic decision by Bruce. Schar looked lost as a holding midfielder as well. 

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Aye but then we'll be on for some manner of talking to about how "the conditions" were much tougher for Bruce, how Rafa didn't have to navigate a lockdown, and how we're about where we should be and should be grateful.

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