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the uk's hardest midges....

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On 8/19/2020 at 19:37, Renton said:

Oh, and love the places you went to broken, the Clachaig is a favourite. 


aye, the clachaig was superb, (my incorrect spelling 'clashaig' is probably the old punk in me!) their range of ciders without doubt the envy of many, many west country pubs to be honest!

enjoy your holiday mate, hope it goes by insect free!

dunno if you've been to the area round ardfern on loch craignish? truly stunning, there's a cracking inn with accommodation called the galley of lorne should you wish to avoid tents and campervans etc!



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On 8/20/2020 at 19:54, Rayvin said:

The UK's hardest minges :lol:


Not sure how appealing that sounds tbh.

Appealing perhaps not, but damn intriguing.


I guess we'll never really know what a hard minge is now.

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Back from Scotland now, almost no midges in our base at Oban or Mull or the other places we went to. Except the Clachaig in Glen Coe,  although even there not too bad. 


Everywhere was packed with mainly English tourists mind, me excepted due to ancestry. Absolutely ruining the place. On the way back there was a 5 mile traffic jam between Crianlarich and Tyndrum. Collectively, cunts. 

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On 8/19/2020 at 18:09, Dr Gloom said:

i stand corrected. i guess it depends on weather and the time of day - i was just in brecon and mid wales and didn't see any, but they were a nightmare as the sun was coming down one day when i was up around weardale. got eaten alive by the little bastards

They go up on thermals in warm weather and down when it cools hence they arrive later in the day. Horrible bastards. 


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