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Super satda, Bruce's Noocarsuw v Dyche's Burnley

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Party on Wayne.

Bruce's decision to restore ASM to the team was apparently inspired according to Martin Tyler. He's our best fucking player you plum, it doesn't take Marcello Lippi to make that call.

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Direct quite from BBC website;


“Sean Dyche is wearing an excellent coat but he's really not a happy man at all. He's exasperated down there. Exasperated and soaked through. Wetter than an otter's pocket.”



Do you think they realise they’ve just called him a cunt? 

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3 minutes ago, TheGingerQuiff said:

I took ASM out of my fantasy team, Covid Nineteam, and he scores. Typical. Sterling too.


If I had a team I'd call it 'Kim's Panties' after the Eldon Square five a side team that used to feature in the Ronny Gill's league table on a Thursday night. :good:

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1 minute ago, 247 said:

ASM is getting a fucking kicking, what a vile team Burnley are 

100% told to go out there and give him a buffeting, which makes it all the more sweeter that he scored and has basically mugged them off all game.

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5 minutes ago, Polarboy said:

We've actually played alright in that first half. Having said that Burnley have been shite and we've only had two shots on target.

Time to roll out the old cliches - you have to score when you’re on top. Wilson and Hendrick both guilty of missing shockers. Joelinton fluffed his chance too, but that’s to be expected. If it’s still 1-0 at 70 minutes I can see us retreating and getting nervy 

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