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!!!!Worlds Bestest Welcome!!!!

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Kool i have thought of a final topic in here......


I would like to thank...Shearergol :) (whom i asked once is there anyone here atall), :lol: Mags ;) ,Raider,Radgina.....Et all.... i lost count.


Special mention to our very own  :) ...wont have been possible to break Big Als record without it....ty but plz think twice the next time...boundries r vanishing...worlds an oyster...and v cant stop this transition!!!


I am delighted to be a part of the club and every thing that goes wid it(though i find the leg pulling...and off topic wavering quite shocking to be honest). I also admit i dont get 30% of ur local slang...haha even u wont understand that if u happen to visit here...but its kool.


Last but not certainly not the least


:) rocks :) rocks :)






aaalan, you're already a legend on here :)


Hope you stick around for a long time to come. Avoid Charlotte though, she's a bit of a man eater.



@ shearergol and radgina :)

I will dun worry...

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