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Hey yeah a Millwall NTO posting on your site! We ain’t that much different we all have a proper row and most of us never take a step back! We pretty much never go for anyone who doesn’t want it and we’ve got docker and hard backgrounds! But what we can agree with is both paedo’s and animal abusers are just c*nts! We have, in London, a serial killer of pets but he moves out of London occasionally and so this c*nt may have been in your area! Look at the post below from one of your own Geordies and think about it! Some of you may call me a soft southern poof - fine - don’t give a shite - but you lot have the same values as us! Here it is: 

In the past couple of hours a white male wearing a head torch has come along Ouseburn Road (back of Stratford Rd/ Stratford Ter) picked up our cat Toulouse and repeatedly smashed him off the road. He has then thrown the cat somewhere. This has all been captured on CCTV and reported to the police. 

We are looking for our very loved cat in the hopes that he is just seriously injured and not dead. Though very unlikely after seeing this attack. 

If anyone finds Toulouse (he is a large black and white male cat) in the burn or Heaton area please contact me, Fraser Greenwell or Alex Greenwell (Kingfisher Lodge).

To the man who did this, you will 100% get your comeuppance you spineless moron. 

Update: Further CCTV shows the man hitting the Toulouse of the ground and then throwing it over the burn bridge. Toulouse was injured but made it back into the side of the allotment (where the golf buggy is). The man then climbs over, kills the cat, puts it in his backpack and leaves. 

My dad had heard some commotion and when out. He challenged the man and he ran off. This is when he checked the CCTV. So there a well spoken white male in Jesmond Vale/ Sandyford/ Heaton with a dead cat in his backpack.

UPDATE: He is wearing a North Face jacket, mask, hat, backpack and beige trouser. If your partner, friend, housemate is currently dressed like this report him to the police. On foot so must be local.

If anyone finds Toulouse dumped in a backpack please please contact one of us or the police.

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5 hours ago, PaddockLad said:

NTO?  🤔


National Treasure Organisation? 

Nutters Ticked Off? 

I think we need to know this....

Never Tried Oranges?


Not Totally Out?


Nonce Training Organiser? 

There’s an imaginary group of Millwall arseholes in the moving picture show Green Street known as The NTO, but no real-life hardman would name themselves after a pretend group of luvvies, would they? 


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19 minutes ago, Howmanheyman said:

No need for the Millwall shite 'early doors'. :lol:


Anyone doing shit like this needs jail time and a fucking clip or two. 


Aye, but it’s good that, as a Millwall NTO, he’s comfortable talking openly about his sexuality and fetishes, as seen below. 

On 11/12/2020 at 01:19, Rob17 said:

We pretty much never go for anyone who doesn’t want it and we’ve got docker and hard backgrounds!


( If you’re unfamiliar with docking, here’s a clue…)


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Yeah I totally deserved some of that - hands up! Was a bit pissed when I posted and the early bit shouldn't have been added - but I've spent 3 years chasing down the animal serial killer and I saw from the post from the lady from your neck of the woods (and the killer has done stuff up north on occasions and he matched our MO to a degree) that there were similarities. This bast*rd has killed and tortured at least 800 family pets and yeah please ignore my first paragraph but if you find him please say "hello" from me before you give the rest of him to the Old Bill. See yer all next time at St James's :) 

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