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Wilder's Winless Wonders vs Bruce's Boring Bastards

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Just now, gurru991 said:

Maybe so but that doesn't allow you to push the ball away with your hand inside the box.

Well what happens is when there’s a foul the referee stops the game. 

Get it?

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i'd honestly take a punt on joey barton. if for no other reason than he might put some cigars out in ashley's eyes.

i wont be happy till i see the twat broken and bawling his eyes out on the touchline. morally bankrupt fat cunt.

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5 minutes ago, Isegrim said:

Of course it is. Fernandez is clearly swiping it. It’s harsh but consistent with the current rules.


I agree that Fernandez clearly swiped it. My contention would be that Fernandez had his shoulder in front of their player the whole time and prior to him moving his arm towards the ball their player clearly pulled at his shirt. If it was the other way (Fernandez was the attacking player) they could well have reviewed it and declared it a penalty in his favour.

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5 minutes ago, Tom said:

Sharp fouled him for about 10 yards man, he was dragging his shirt all over.


Honestly this. But I don't feel bad about it as this is a deserved result for how we have set up and played.





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