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***The Official Paul Jewell Campaign Thread***

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I want S-O's ava as mamageress now.  :D



Interesting typo there. :yes



Subliminal messages tbh. As you might have guessed though I'm more of an arse man. :huff:

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Wigan are playing canny against Manu, and I hope they win, but even if they do I would consider Paul Jewell to be just as big a risk as Martin O'Neill, and by that I mean either appointment could go either way and if we get one of those I'll support them and hope they turn out to be the manager we've been looking for to get us back to where we were under Keegan.

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All our hard work has gone to waste. Why doesn't the Fat Man listen to us? LOOK AT HIS CV. I say we bombard the press again and say we DO actually want him. I'm going to set up an interview with someone from the Daily Mail highlighting what a nasty man Shepherd really is.



ozzie caught in the act

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