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50 million Robbery


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A 31-year-old woman and a man of 29 were last night being quizzed in connection with the raid. The woman was held after she tried to open a building society account in Bromley, Kent, with bundles of cash.


Stunned staff called police as she pulled out around £6,000 in used notes from her handbag that was bound with tape marked Tonbridge . A Kent police source said last night: "She could be a vital link to further arrests.


"We have to look at the possibility that this person was actually trying to bank cash received in good faith from a third party. We have to make sure she is questioned on what she knows of the person or persons who supplied the cash to her."


Not the sharpest tool in the box!!!!

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Sarf Lahndahn Charvers who got very very ?lucky?


of course we'll probably find its just some run of the mill crooks who didn't read the papers.............................


I see you've learned to put some caveats in you're snap judgements :D

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The Law reckons they have ALL the cars used but not the van yet


Not exactly Criminal Masterminds here I think................... any charva in Millwall knows you set fire to the bloody things ASAP


(well I always do....)

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