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Moore good work from Roeder


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Roeder's told Craig Moore to forget going to meet up with his Australian international team mates at some get-together they're having in Amsterdam....because he'll be turning out for NUFC reserves instead!


Fair play to Roeder for putting his foot down. It's in today's Journal. He says Moore is desperate to go but he's told him that if he went over there and got injured it would be a scandal, given that he's not even turned out for us yet. He's spot on as well - we've paid this lad's wages while he's done fuck all and chances are he'd go and pick up another injury with them anyway.


Now can you see what I did with the thread title? :D

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We need JJ back to roger Moore and create a bond in the dressing room.  :D





Haven't seen him play yet like but fair play to roeder for putting his foot down like, it wouldnt happen under souness like

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