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Cheese n Onion Smokey Bacon Prawn Cocktail Ready Salted Brussel Sprout Salt and Vinegar Hot Dog n Mustard Worcester sauce

Most people have a pie or chips, but whatever floats your boat. 

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I have a few suggestions if they want to make the fake crowd noise at St. James more realistic. They may or may not be related to round vegetables, excrement, and general ineptitude. The worst thing about his match is that knowing Ashley we'll have to wait at least another few matches of shite before he finally gives Cabbage the boot.

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42 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

Rather than watch this, I’m forcing a rusty knitting needle up my Japsy. 

Prediction; Faced with stiff opposition, ultimately the end collapse will be bloody awful…

Is that the knitting needle episode or having to watch us?

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10 minutes ago, spongebob toonpants said:

Well thats first time I've watched in a while. How we have any points is a mystery beyond my understanding


Fortunately not watching the second half

Same. I’ve put that Tin Star on.

No idea what’s going on but Tim Roth is going about braying people for seemingly little or no reason. So it’s good value.

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I think what stings the most about this is that it was so unexpected - none of us, not least the owner and chairhamster, could’ve predicted that a bloke who can’t even keep his own tits from dropping would struggle to keep a perfectly capable, well-drilled mid-table squad from turning to mackem levels of shite. 
It’s not like his previous form, mirrored at every single club he’s ruined, would give them a hint. 

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Even the way Shelvey walks up to take a corner pisses me off. You'd think he was playing a fucking kick about with his mates, as opposed to a downward spiral in the premier league, such is the lack of urgency in his body language. Mind you one thing is for certain, it doesn't matter who the manger is, Shelvey will still be a moody, useless bastard.

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