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Cabbage's sack of useless shite v The Special One's special ones

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Eastered your post 

If only Joelinton had been in the box.

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Was that half a pretty big improvement from Brighton? Yes. Is that saying very much? No. Krafth isn't a fucking premier league, and probably not even championship level player. Clark does have the odd mistake in him, but he's objectively a much better player than Krafth will ever be as proven once again today. Another woeful selection decision by Bruce. At least he swallowed his pride somewhat and played S. Longstaff who I thought was very composed for the assist. You can be guaranteed that Hendrick would have conspired to fuck that up in the same position. That is if it's even likely he'd put himself in such a dangerous position in the opposition box. Would have bit your hand off for a point beforehand given our current form and with the cabbage in charge, but even though it's still only 2-1, and Spur's defence looks very shaky, Kane, Son etc will likely always get at least one more.

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Since it's now clear that Ashley isn't going to peddle the useless fat fuck, I guess it's now better to get the few points (1 at a time of course, wins are too much to expect) to help us stop up. So, yay, we scored. Great. 

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