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13 hours ago, Alex said:

How the fuck is that 3 on 3 basketball an Olympic sport? 

The more mad shit the better, I say. Breakdancing is taking place in Paris 2024. Chess was under consideration at one point, imagine that in the ending montage. People showing off fantastic feats of athleticism and then some specky nerd moving a queen over the bards head or whatever it is they do.

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Ah, the Modern Triathlon  

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On 27/07/2021 at 12:39, Gemmill said:

Absolutely loved the Chinese lass fully face planting off the high bar earlier. I've waited years to see someone miss their catch and finally all my years of dedication and perseverance have paid off. 


I feel like a true Olympian. 


She's fucking done it again and guess who was there to see it. I'm a double Olympic champion! 

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23 minutes ago, Kid Dynamite said:

Brits smashing the Yanks in the female BMX freestyle final. So much so that the Yank bottled her final run. You love to see it! 

She seemed humble in defeat though, which is good to see. The British lass was phenomenal 

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Yeh I just caught the highlights of that on twitter. 

Absolutely sensational performance! First woman to land a 360° backflip at a competition apparently.

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46 minutes ago, Renton said:

Tamberi, the high jumper. What a reaction, even by italian standards. Shared gold medal. Pure joy.


Personalised socks too. What a bloke. :lol:



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