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Anyone else going to this. I’m rolling up with a posse of kids and grandkids.


If im honest, I would have stopped taking an interest a couple of years ago, however my 17 year old daughter is unfortunately Newcastle daft. (Yes, we’ve ordered tests).


Anyway, hope it’s a good day out and amoebi scores, we’re on the pitch :lol:

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3 hours ago, David Kelly said:

As bad as we have been, and it looks like we will be worse this season, it has to be better than Love Island.

What about a VIP special of Love Island with Luke Edwards, Steve Bruce, Rafa Benitez, Richard Keys, Krul, Lascelles and essembee?

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1 hour ago, essembeeofsunderland said:

I’m aware of Love Island but not familiar with it.


You'd probably enjoy it, it's full of bastards taking ends good and proper.

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