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Arsewipe Roll Call


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Held on to a tree at the top, hung my hoop over the edge, opened the bomb bay doors, watched it drop, disappear from view, then burst out laughing as a brown circle suddenly appeared at the foot of the cliff. 

Minging, aye, ticked off the bucket list, aye that too. 


The stars were truly aligned as my firm ejecta was also the Holy Grail of shites- a ghost wipe…not a mark on the paper.

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16 minutes ago, Isegrim said:

Sitting obviously.

As i have discovered the wonders of psyllium I hardly need any wiping anyway.  Rarely more than one piece of toilet paper.

Never had you down as the magic mushrooms type 

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Sitter, seem to recall same subject here many years ago and there were a number of heretical standers, seems they are either avoiding this thread or have seen the errors of their ways.

I intend to be a sitter until I pop my clogs, unless I get some affliction that will make me a shit my pants/bed lie downer

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With the recent defection of Trophyshy to the Righteous Standers Society, in the spirit of benevolence to the, as yet still unconverted medieval sitters, I present you this. 

Save you animals from digging in the dark. 

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It's mental how proud MF is of wiping his arse like a mong. :lol:


"Is that all of it? One last push..... OK and what do you do now?" 





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1 hour ago, strawb said:

I assume he stands cos his arse is too big for him to wipe while sitting tbh

This makes no sense- an over-large arse would hamper the Higher Hoop Hygiene method which you smallcocks disparage. 


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