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The F1 2022, MotoGP and Other Sports That Go Vroom-Vroom Thread


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17 hours ago, sammynb said:

Portugese first round of MotoGP this weekend and Saturday sprint races, giddyup.

Not Marc fucking Marquez please God.


I know it's ridiculously impressive him getting pole, but if he starts winning every race again I'm out.

Still got Moto2 & 3 to enjoy though

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7 hours ago, spongebob toonpants said:

Wow - ok I'm in. Let's hope the rest of the season lives up to that


How good was that sprint race?

I cannot stand MM but he is riding the wheels off that POS bike, thing is he cannot keep doing it without coming unstuck. He's in his 30s now and his reflexes are not what they were, so it is only a matter of time before he comes off and hurts himself again.

No one has got the pace of those Ducatis but it was god to see the KTM and the Aprillia up there and being close.

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