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Eddie Howe


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What we need is for him to be part of a football dynasty. Robson was too old and much as I love Keegan he was too fragile. We need Howe to be our Ferguson, Wenger, Pep (more like the latter two). He's ahea of schedule, nothing to say he won't be the man. I said before, that's why the mackems hate him, they know. 

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He's honestly still going under the radar in terms of what he's done and is doing at the club. People will fawn over Ange's 9 games at Spurs or De Zerbi but when it comes to Howe the general reaction seems to be 'Good coach but probably has take NUFC as far as he can'. Based purely on the fact that he's a young English 'unfashionable' coach.


If the club continues to back him with the transfer business, clearly they pay attention to the sort of player he wants to buy and must work closely with Ashworth, I've no doubt he will soon break the trophy drought. And onto bigger things after that. 

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3 minutes ago, Christmas Tree said:


58 and living the life I always imagined I would at 58 when I was young :lol: 





You've started mass producing novelty mugs? Interesting, hoy us a link. 

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7 minutes ago, Christmas Tree said:



Fair play, you've certainly got the entrepreneurial spirit. Sorted this for Gemmill in the toontastic secret santa *.




Seriously tempted to get this for my work colleague, although probably not worth the dsicplinary.




* Secret forum, sorry. 

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