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True Faith & Alan from work Poddy

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Trippier's reaction was enough for me. The fact he stopped dead and claimed handball when we were still in attacking phase. He's not the type of player to do that unless he's absolutely certain. 

The reply reinforced that. Can't believe it is even up for discussion.

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14 minutes ago, wykikitoon said:

What do you think Fish regarding moving Miggy to the left whilst ASM is out?  Do we have stats on him on the left under Rafa?  I suppose they would be skewed due to different style of play under Rafa than under Howe.


I'd be fine with setting up as we are, with inverted wingers, but, if it's not working, just swap their flanks. With two inverted wingers swapping sides, if nothing else it will unsettle the opposition. The opposition will have been training to expect both wingers to turn back and either play it off to the fullback, or take the shot. Swapping them means they've something else to think about. I'd also be ok with dropping one of them for Murphy who isn't as good technically as either of them, is willing to put a cross in on his stronger foot. He's also somehow able to get breakaways more than the other two. 


When ASM returns, I'd honestly keep him on the left and have Joelinton operate on that side of a midfield 4. That gives the flank height, bite and... I dunno, 'might'? Play Isak on the right of a forward pair. So it's kind of a mix between 4-4-2 and 4-3-3. 




Joelinton's job is to break up play and link with the other midifeld, if he can carry the ball forward and under/overlap ASM, great, if not provide that cover.


Bruno and Willock still have some defensive responsibilities, but more license to attack. Bruno should have more freedom to find runners and thread those through-balls, especially the balls behind when we get an overload on the flanks.


Isak and ASM will come deeper to pick up the ball and run with it, or link with overlapping fullbacks, Bruno or Willock.


Wilson will stay up top, stretching the gap between the lines and forcing the CB/FB to choose between staying closer to him, or pushing out to close down ASM/Isak


Obviously when Maddison joins he'd take Willock's place. 

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35 minutes ago, Gemmill said:

Waugh reckons the VAR decision v Bournemouth shouldn't have been a penalty. At this stage, The Athletic probably needs to sack him. 


"Y'knaa what it is, yi take the kid under your wings, show'im the ropes, rub his nose in the shit till he knaas the Geordie roar and then once he flies the nest he comes oot with this shite? Next time he pops his heed in Thomma hoose ahm ganna have a word in the real office and have his heed doon the bog, sort of flush some sense into him! Lol. NUFC reporters, man. Plenty of imitations but there's only one real McCoy. Laters, Ryder and fucking out."



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