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True Faith & Bullies from the Tyne

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11 minutes ago, PaddockLad said:

Heard Charlotte Hope for the first time yesterday, she was on 5 live talking about three Newcastle players going to Qatar. Might as well have been speaking to Neville Hope tbh :cuppa:


Errrrrm, like, errrrrrm, well, like, eeeeeermmmm, well, like.


'Well that's all we have time for, thanks Dan, sorry Charlotte/

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I don't know what staggers me the most, the fact that 21,000 people are even remotely interested in anything the self serving, know nowt, fat tory cunt has to say

or the arrogance that he only follows 200 back so dismissive is he of anybody else's opinion other than his own.

fucking prick!


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Just listened to the latest TF.  Fuck me, that Charlotte is a waste of time.
Tory 'Where will we finish and why?'

Spaniel 'Errrmm, well, like, eeerm, 4th'

'Who will finish above us?'

'Errrmrmm, Arsenal'


ANyone else you retard?

They all seemed happy that in recent home games the fans and players are acting like teams like Liverpool and Man Utd and acting like entitled cunts.

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