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Howe's It Gan Pet v Captain Scarlet wannabe, Playmobil Fam, Blood, Ya Get Me?


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I caught up with episodes 4-6 last night, it's not a bad watch actually and Arteta comes across well, as do many of the players. The fans though, fuck me they're deluded! :lol:

Looking forward to seeing the episode with us in it. I bet the meltdown is incredible.


Isn't there a rumour Amazon want us to feature in the next series? I feel mixed on the idea. Would love to get the insight into how things are done behind the scenes by us but on the flip side it's lobbing free ammunition at other fans for if things go tits up.

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1 hour ago, Gemmill said:

A good 11 or 12 minutes dedicated to the game against us in the final episode. More than any other game in the series. Good stuff. :lol:


Can't be arsed to watch the whole season, which episode will give me what I need?

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On 16/05/2022 at 16:56, acrossthepond said:

Thrashed completely and without any redemption. Top 4, they must be having a laugh. They were lucky to leave with 0. 


Fantastic way to sign off at home. Next season is going to be one for the history books. 


But it's got nothing on this one coming up. 

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