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Eddie’s Impassable Picket Line vs Scabs.

Monkeys Fist

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Playing a promoted team first up will be a challenge, especially one thats been out of the PL for so long. Their promoted players will be massively up for it. Their new signings will be out to prove a point. I expect that we'll have to play well to win.


2-1 to us. 

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35 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

Fuck’s sake Fist - you’ve jinxed this not letting wykiki start the thread. People have been banned for less  


To clear something up without actually really clearing it up, MF hasn't stopped anyone from doing anything. 

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I went to the trouble of supplying an in-depth reply and Wykiki has deleted it? Wykiki, if you're reading this there's going to be serious H on here, mind.......


















"And you can take that to the bank wor kid or any mutual building society for that matter. Capiche?"

Lee-Ryder (1)__01.jpg

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Eddie's presser:

Eddie Howe has been speaking ahead of Newcastle's Premier League opener against Nottingham Forest:
"That excitement is there but it's important for the players to be cool, calm and collected and thinking about the things we need to do to perform. I think if you get overhyped, that's a negative."

On injuries:
"Jonjo [Shelvey] is in London tonight for another assessment so we don't have a clear, defined timeframe on his injury. Jamal Lewis and Federico Fernández are working their way and shouldn't be too long. [Javi] Manquillo is back in training too so we're not too bad."

On Sven Botman:
"I think he's ready to play. I've seen him during pre-season and what a talent he is. I think he's going to be everything we hoped he would be. He's technically very good, very strong and very good defensively.

"We look at every player individually and try to make the right call for them and the team so what I do with Sven you'll find out but I've been very pleased with the signing."

On Sean Longstaff and his role this season:
I'm looking for a big season from him. Since I've started working with him I've seen someone who is committed to becoming the best player he can be. Every day in training he gives everything - he loves the club. He's got a big part to play."

On signings and Newcastle's striker hunt:
"Hopefully you can see what I tried to tell you at the end of last season was the truth. FFP will impact us for a number of years. We're not in a position to pay wages or fees some people think. We have to be creative & smart.

"We're in a position where if any player gets injured, we'll be stretched. But in that area, yes, we do have players who can stand up in [Allan] Saint-Maximin & Joelinton."

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1 hour ago, trooper said:

After never buying a shirt for 14 years. I've just got my early birthday present from Mrs T & Miss T. 




I had a cracking toffs 74 bukta shirt with the number 9 stitched on which was a medium but shrunk after the first wash a bit as I now know is what happens with toffs shirts so I go a size up now or did till the NUFC license ran out, anyway I digress, the bairn wanted to wear a shirt for tomorrow and it fits her and she likes it. I'm jealous tbh! :lol: 

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