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Patreon Funds - Nominate your charities!


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Hi everyone! 

Myself and the team would like extend our gratitude to everyone who keeps the board running, not only members but our Patreon members who help fund the board. 

Much like the custodians before us we run Toontastic as a none profit organisation.

We're a wonderful community, we've been around for nearly two decades and it's a project I'm privileged & proud to be part of. I'm sure the rest of the dictatorship will agree! 

Earlier in the year we donated a significant amount of surplus Patreon funds to both Red Cross Ukraine & Red Cross Yemen. This slightly deviated from our original plan to have an annual vote on a charity to send the funds to but needs must! 

So In the spirit of the original Patreon idea, could people please suggest charities that they would like to receive the surplus funds?

PS - You don't have to be a Patreon member to suggest a charity, only to vote.

In a few weeks time this will go to a vote for Patreon members, you'll receive a message on the Patreon website and be able to proceed from there. 

If you aren't a Patreon member it's not too late - visit the link below. The money goes to a good cause - not just storing @Monkeys Fist porn collection on the server! 

Thanks Everyone,




Patreon > https://www.patreon.com/ToontasticNet



Nominations -


Newcastle West/East End Foodbank

Cancer Research 

Sir Bobby Robson/Daft as a brush 

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Now, more than ever, our friends, neighbours and colleagues are more likely to find themselves using food banks. 
It’s not a particularly innovative suggestion from me, but it’s desperately needed, so I’d suggest The West End Food Bank, which has now taken over the East End Food Bank and provides much needed food and hygiene items across the city. 

(What a fucking disgrace that we need to do this, btw, Britain in 2022). 

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21 minutes ago, strawb said:

Agree with MF but from a personal pov would like to suggest cancer research as well

I think we'll have upward of £500 in funds so we could easily

split it between a few charities. 

Its all about what the membership wants :up:

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2 hours ago, Gemmill said:

I was gonna say the local food banks, but in the interests of alternative options what about the SBR daft as a brush thing. 


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