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Steady Eddie's No-Ceiling Ambitions vs. Fat Frank's Gemmill-Defying Cloggers


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20 hours ago, Howmanheyman said:

First home game I've missed this season will be this one. Unbeaten up to now and Haaland and his Man City mates are included in that sequence. Everton got through spurs a couple of times and should've scored so I expect this to a potential banana skin especially as we seem to be constantly missing at least one of our best players every game. I'd like us to be at least a goal up going into the last twenty minutes as I think the intensity caught up with us a bit at Old Trafford second half. Everton games are usually tight. 


missing this one too, getting a bit long in the tooth for getting home gone 3am and then having to get up again at 6am.

shame as was the same last season and I ended up being gutted I missed out on seeing us beat the horrible scouse cunts.

anyway, I'm hoping me not being there for this fixture was the start of a pattern forming, so I'm gonna plump for a 3-1 win!



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I like his thinking :lol: 


An absolute corker in #NUFC's programme. 

Miguel Almiron on what civilisation will look like in 1,000 years: "Spaceships, and I think there'll be flying cars.

"I think people will be married to robots - if they try and control you, you can just press a button to sort it out!" https://t.co/F4sUFoqSv6


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17 minutes ago, wykikitoon said:

He was v man United 

Ah sorry, wasn’t aware. My game kicked off at the same time on Sunday.

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13 minutes ago, Gemmill said:


Ooooof the Craig v Wykiki rivalry REKINDLED! 


BONFIRE NIGHT coming early this year! 


Just now, Craig said:

Ah sorry, wasn’t aware. My game kicked off at the same time on Sunday.

Well that pissed on your fireworks :smile:

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