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Gemmill's Squad Rotation Mags vs. (checks notes) Patrick Vieira's Eagles, apparently


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4 hours ago, MrBass said:

Worth checking out around kick-off,





If URL's aren't allowed then feel free to delete this post.


This may well have populated a few links in the past 10 mins so surely iptv will be providing too.

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Just now, Dr Gloom said:

No strikers on the bench


Considering we've got 3, Wilson is unwell and Isak injured, who were you expecting him to put on the bench, Wood? :lol:

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1 minute ago, Gemmill said:



A worrying period of attacking dominance for Palace (Blue). Is this borne out by your radio listening experience? 

“Ando” Anderson just refuted that with a 3 minute explanation of xG and how it’s the superior stat in the modern game. 
He referenced several podcasters to back up his arguments.…

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