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Howe’s Hawker Hurricane Goal Machines vs. Selles’ Sputtering Spitfire Spunkbubbles.

Monkeys Fist

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3 minutes ago, Gemmill said:

Gordon hadn't had a great start to his career here. Hope he has a good pre season...


1 minute ago, Rayvin said:

Gordon will come good once Eddie has managed to get into him a bit but we can't risk the whole team's efforts to indulge that now - good decision from Howe.

I think Eddie needs to sit him down over the summer and persuade him that the best way to advance his career here is to share pics of his lass’s humongous funbags. 



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Fuck, if you're Gordon right now your heads likely mush. Taken off at half time after fluffing one very decent chance and a borderline sitter for someone of his supposed value. So aye, hopefully Howe has a good preseason with Gordon. 

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One thing I will say that might be controversial is that Bruno's habit of losing the ball in dangerous areas is becoming a bit of a problem. Habit might be overstating it, but he backs himself in even the most dangerous areas with the ball which isn't always advisable. 

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