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16 hours ago, sammynb said:


Two things, Victory fans are renown for being absolute cunts (they have a history of brawls, pitch invasions and at the time were already on a good behaviour bond) and earlier that week the A-League association had announced they had signed a deal with Stadium Australia, in Sydney, to host the grand final for the next three seasons and, of course, regardless of the teams playing in it, so the Victory fans decided they weren't happy.

A bit of background, since the leagues inception, the GF has been held at the home ground of the highest place team that makes the final and with Victory having a successful history, they had held it a number of times over the years - not that their recent history would point to that.
But the association had recently lost millions from their TV revenue because there was a clause in the contract that included a "bonus" payment if a certain number of subscribers signed up (online broadcaster) and the association being the idiots they are thought it was a given but lo and behold, they didn't make the number, so they found a solution that no one agreed with.


To the actual incident - the Victory fans had made a big fuss about protesting that game, turning their backs, etc. Then one of their idiot fans threw a flare at the City keeper, he decided to return it back to where it came, next thing you know, the cunts jump the fence, rushed him, some cunt picked up the sand bucket, where flares are meant to be extinguished, and starts laying into the keeper with it.


A bunch were arrested, some have actually fled the country. The conspiracy theorist in me, thinks there is more to it - this was just weeks after Australia had had a successful World Cup and football always has a huge boost here after we do well in a WC but there is a lot of hate for the local national league from the other football codes, rugby league and aussie rules, and because that's where the money in sport is, in this country, they fear losing it. Rugby League matches currently are at an all time low for attendance and TBH, only Victoria and the weirdo states of SA and WA care about aerial ping pong. Football is the most played game here but it's professional competition has never cracked it - the other have a lot to lose.

I knew I could rely on you to answer him :smile:

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12 hours ago, aimaad22 said:

Brilliant last few posts on there, Brighton taking the piss at Old Trafford and the Aussie twats and Everton potentially going down the drain. But I have to say Man City having a 'paper thin' squad just stands out :lol: 

It's high quality paper though

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9 hours ago, Gemmill said:

What a run from the keeper. I can see how none of the Atletico defenders picked him up though, with the subdued outfit he was wearing.

What a beautiful glancing header though :lol: 

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12 minutes ago, Gemmill said:

Another tough night for the Mekon. :lol:


2 nowt Bayern.

It would normally annoy me that he gets a get out of jail free card due to the ‘off the field issues’ keeping the fans and the press off his back. But long may it continue 

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